Finally! Export / Print Rocksmith and DLC Song Tablature for Use Outside of The Application (Here’s How – Windows & Mac)

Here is the backstory, scroll down if you just want the instructions! I picked up the guitar about 20 years ago, when my company at the time gave us $1,200 a year for personal growth/enrichment activities that could have nothing to do with our actual job. That was an AWESOME job perk. Too awesome, I think. It only lasted two years before the program got nixed. […]

Microsoft in the year 2009 – Where does Windows stand?

Microsoft and the Windows brand have taken a public relations beating lately, whether it be justified or not. It seems as though Apple gained some major ground – I’m talking perception and ‘feel’; not necessarily interested in or discussing actual market share – and has been riding a major wave of positive vibes for the […]