Comcast ups the ante on its FREE security software by now offering the Norton suite


Comcast has been providing a free version of the MacAfee security suite to its customers for about a year now.  The product actually worked well and it truly was free (granted, you are a paying Comcast customer) and never got pesky about an up sell of any sorts. In fact, there were no ads at all, which was quite refreshing.

I noticed today that Comcast has swapped out the Norton Security Suite product for the former MacAfee suite. I do not know why they did this, but as a paying Norton subscriber on my work laptop, I jumped at the chance to test the free Comcast offering out.

After a quick run through of all of the parts and pieces this product appears to be the real deal. If you are currently a Comcast customer you should check it out. After all, you are paying for it whether you use it or not.


Get it here.

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Microsoft Office 2010 Public Beta


You can get the new Office 2010 Pro or any of its components to try out during the beta period.


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Blackberry Desktop Manager Software Now Has Integrated Tethering Setup

I recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and realized that my Blackberry tethering configuration was no longer working. After quick inspection, the modem entry for my BlackBerry had been removed during the upgrade. No sweat, I’ll just set it up again. Although it wasn’t that simple. I couldn’t get the device to show up as a modem.

As with the few issues like this post-upgrade, I determined that I needed to do a refresh of the BlackBerry Desktop application in order get the BB modem drivers reinstalled and registered. Of course I didn’t have the original source files, so I had to visit RIM’s website and download the app to get this process going.

Everything went according to plan and when I was in the new Desktop Manager for the first time, I noticed a new option called, “IP Modem”. Oh yea, was I excited. A quick "Configuration” (telling the system I was a T-Mobile subscriber) was all that was necessary. A click of the “Connect” button had me connected to the Internet within seconds.

Not that the old process for setting up tethering and connecting to the outside world was terrible, but you had to have the Desktop Manager application open anyway before launching the modem connection, so this eliminates a step and no longer requires a somewhat moderately technical configuration to get started.


Thank you BlackBerry! 

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Fix for Gmail Crashes Firefox



Problem: Every time you close your Gmail tab in Firefox or close a set of tabs that includes Gmail, Firefox crashes.



There are many solutions out there that didn’t work for me. If you have made it here, chances are that they haven’t worked for you either. The problem seems to be related to the Google Talk application. It took me a while to find this as the problem because Google Talk wasn’t installed. However, I finally remembered that I did install it at one time but ended up removing it because it was high jacking my webcam from Skype. Further, I didn’t think this applied to me because I used Revo Uninstaller and performed an “Advanced” uninstall which is the most thorough option available.

Apparently a single file was left behind that caused me weeks worth of woe, all my installed plug-ins, passwords, bookmarks, and every other customization I had built up my Firefox install with.

The file I deleted to solve the problem was:



Other suggestions that did not work for me included:

Miscrosoft Security Essentials

Microsoft has finally released their free antivirus product, called Microsoft Security Essentials. It doesn’t seem to be a bad product, but it continually is getting rated towards the bottom of the free antivirus class of products.

More to come on this I’m sure.

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Google has righted the ship

GMail is back up!


Yes, Google mail (GMail) is currently down. There is no ETA. Stay tuned.

Don’t fret, you can still get your e-mail even when GMail is down:

How to check GMail when it’s down!

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Google Voice!

After several months of waiting for an invitation my number finally came up today, literally! In a nutshell, Google Voice is a telephone number service from Google that allows you to rein in all of your different phone numbers and be reachable by everyone through a single number. You decide where to forward those calls and this can be done on a per caller basis – when your friends call, you can have your cellphone ring; When your family calls, you can have both your cell and home phones ring; When your boss calls after hours, well, he or she can get straight to voicemail.

I see a real advantage to signing up for this service but if you need some more convincing, take a look at the video below –


You can’t sign up immediately, but you can get on the waiting list. Do it today!