Blackberry Desktop Manager Software Now Has Integrated Tethering Setup

I recently upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and realized that my Blackberry tethering configuration was no longer working. After quick inspection, the modem entry for my BlackBerry had been removed during the upgrade. No sweat, I’ll just set it up again. Although it wasn’t that simple. I couldn’t get the device to show up as a modem.

As with the few issues like this post-upgrade, I determined that I needed to do a refresh of the BlackBerry Desktop application in order get the BB modem drivers reinstalled and registered. Of course I didn’t have the original source files, so I had to visit RIM’s website and download the app to get this process going.

Everything went according to plan and when I was in the new Desktop Manager for the first time, I noticed a new option called, “IP Modem”. Oh yea, was I excited. A quick "Configuration” (telling the system I was a T-Mobile subscriber) was all that was necessary. A click of the “Connect” button had me connected to the Internet within seconds.

Not that the old process for setting up tethering and connecting to the outside world was terrible, but you had to have the Desktop Manager application open anyway before launching the modem connection, so this eliminates a step and no longer requires a somewhat moderately technical configuration to get started.


Thank you BlackBerry! 

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