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Microsoft extends 90-day free Windows 7 enterprise trial until end of 2010

  Read about it here.

Windows 7 Secrets & Shortcuts

    Following are some of the Windows 7 codes that have been identified as those providing access to special shortcuts. To use them, simply create a new folder, name it anything you’d like, and include one of these strings in the folder name:   {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} – GodMode {00C6D95F-329C-409a-81D7-C46C66EA7F33} {0142e4d0-fb7a-11dc-ba4a-000ffe7ab428} {025A5937-A6BE-4686-A844-36FE4BEC8B6D} {05d7b0f4-2121-4eff-bf6b-ed3f69b894d9} {1206F5F1-0569-412C-8FEC-3204630DFB70} {15eae92e-f17a-4431-9f28-805e482dafd4} {17cd9488-1228-4b2f-88ce-4298e93e0966} […]

Allway Sync – Updated and Still Great (and free!)

  What is Allway Sync™? Allway Sync is free file and folder synchronization software for Windows. Allway Sync uses innovative synchronization algorithms to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more. Allway Sync combines bulletproof reliability with an extremely easy-to-use interface. Major Features Allway Sync is Free for moderate personal use It’s […]

Handbrake – Media Converting Tool


Free Backup and Image Management


Comcast ups the ante on its FREE security software by now offering the Norton suite

Comcast has been providing a free version of the MacAfee security suite to its customers for about a year now.  The product actually worked well and it truly was free (granted, you are a paying Comcast customer) and never got pesky about an up sell of any sorts. In fact, there were no ads at […]

Miscrosoft Security Essentials

Microsoft has finally released their free antivirus product, called Microsoft Security Essentials. It doesn’t seem to be a bad product, but it continually is getting rated towards the bottom of the free antivirus class of products. More to come on this I’m sure. Product Home Page Download

Automatically Log Into XP and Vista

I recently helped a friend set up his PC to automatically login when it gets rebooted and found it to be useful enough to pass along. I found a way to set up an XP or Vista system to automatically login while still using an ID and Password – as opposed to setting a blank […]

REVIEW: WinDirStat

Do you know what this is? I finally installed and tested WinDirStat. I’ve been hearing a lot about it and quite frankly, was really curious about the pictures I kept seeing. The graphic displayed at the top of this post is the heart of WinDirStat – it is a graphical representation of the data contained […]

New release of Glary Utilities –

My favorite all-in-one utility has been given a facelift! Glary Utilities, the multi-functional tool that everyone should be using has been updated with a more modern look. For better or worse (I’m not really sure yet), it does not appear that any functionality has been changed. All of the tools are still there and everything […]