Microsoft extends 90-day free Windows 7 enterprise trial until end of 2010

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Free VMware Products

Virtualization technologies have been around for a very long time – the 1960’s era seems to be the consensus as to early implementations. Within the past 10 years, x86 systems have been targeted for virtualization as that is probably the most widely used platform on this planet. Whether you are a Windows, Apple, or Unix/Linux […]

How Do I Mount an ISO Image?

An ISO file is an “image” of a CD or DVD. Much like a ZIP file, all of the files on a CD may be packed into a single file which represents all files on the CD as one *.ISO file. You can do the same things with an ISO file that you can with […]

REVIEW: SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

– Download it here – Virtual CloneDrive is about the best (and free) imaging mounting utility that I have come across so far. It has been very reliable and lightweight on all XP and Vista systems that I have used it on. VCD allows you to mount ISO, BIN, and CCD file formats and allows […]

Xen to catch up to VMware in 08?

According to this article, the write claims Xen will catch up to VMware by 2008. The supporting argument is stated as: “The features that Wolf expects Xen players to add to their suites include comprehensive live migration capabilities (i.e., “VMotion” in VMware parlance), better SAN (storage area network) integration and more sophisticated backup APIs.” VMotion […]

P2V (Physical to Virtual) – Case Study

The Problem – A non-tech friend of mine was leaving her current job and had several years worth of data on her company-issued laptop. The night before her last day, she indicated that she needed to get data off of the laptop before turning it in the next morning. Of course, she had no idea […]

Virtualization Project Outline

Whether you need to sell your idea to obtain funding, support, or just try it out, you can start out with free virtualization products to get yourself going with essentially zero cost. VMware and Microsoft both provide free products to help you get started. I recommend VMware Server due to its large market share and […]