How to disable Google Buzz

Ummm, yea, I love the concept of having “Facebook” updates as a tab in my Google mail screen, but this thing is just like Google Wave – there is a lot of work to be done before (and if) it is ready to be the primary social networking outlet for users.   Have no fear, […]

Comcast ups the ante on its FREE security software by now offering the Norton suite

Comcast has been providing a free version of the MacAfee security suite to its customers for about a year now.  The product actually worked well and it truly was free (granted, you are a paying Comcast customer) and never got pesky about an up sell of any sorts. In fact, there were no ads at […]

REVIEW: WinDirStat

Do you know what this is? I finally installed and tested WinDirStat. I’ve been hearing a lot about it and quite frankly, was really curious about the pictures I kept seeing. The graphic displayed at the top of this post is the heart of WinDirStat – it is a graphical representation of the data contained […]

New release of Glary Utilities –

My favorite all-in-one utility has been given a facelift! Glary Utilities, the multi-functional tool that everyone should be using has been updated with a more modern look. For better or worse (I’m not really sure yet), it does not appear that any functionality has been changed. All of the tools are still there and everything […]

Review: AnchorFree Hotspot Shield 1.14

  Free wireless access points (WAPs) are a very welcome convenience for our mobile lives. Whether at the airport, hotel, library, coffee shop, or even finding a neighbor that has not secured his home wireless network, you do not have to travel very far to quickly hop on to the information superhighway. However, these free […]

Personal Productivity – Start Pages with My Yahoo

If you are like me, staying organized is a cyclical thing. I enjoy doing it but it is such an encompassing task that it sometimes gets put off for too long. Lately I have found myself having too many browsers with too many tabs open at the same time and I’ve had enough. I’m not […]

Getting started with Audacity Sound Software

Audacity Quick Start Guide Audacity is an excellent sound recording and editing application. Even as a free product, it rivals many of the paid products that my band has tried over the years. Audacity’s price tag, ease of use, and powerful capabilities make it our app of choice for working on songs remotely.   If […]

REVIEW: Microsoft Live Mesh

– Start Using Mesh Now – Microsoft Live Mesh is a fantastic tool for sharing data and connecting to remote computers with an Internet connection being the only requirement. Mesh will allow you to easily manage and share up to 5gb of data as well as providing reliable remote desktop connection to any system that […]

AVG Antivirus Free 8.5 Released

A new version of the popular AVG Free antivirus was recently released. Version 8.5 build 283 hit the market this month and is now available for download. I think the major improvements to AVG 8.5 are personal identity protection elements that are not part of the free version. So for us cheapskates, just about everything […]

Free Antivirus Application Roundup

With so many free AntiVirus applications available today, it has become a difficult task to determine which one is “the best”. Designating one over another as the best is further complicated because AV needs vary from user to user. For example, industry best practices state that you should never run more than one AV product […]