FTC Stimulus Scam Alert / Avoid Job Offer Scams

I get no less than ten e-mails a day about jobs. Granted, I do independent contracting and have my credentials posted at most of the major sites, but with the current state of unemployment, I have to imagine a lot of people have their resume’s out there. I do know for a fact that scammers […]

Pelokee Acquired by The Appia Group – Our Domain Name Has Changed

Pelokee has been migrated from to a hosted account owned and operated by The Appia Group. The Appia Group provides support and services primarily to home and small business users which is in the spirit of the content historically published to Pelokee. provides the publishing back-end and code that is used to […]

AVG Antivirus Free 8.5 Released

A new version of the popular AVG Free antivirus was recently released. Version 8.5 build 283 hit the market this month and is now available for download. I think the major improvements to AVG 8.5 are personal identity protection elements that are not part of the free version. So for us cheapskates, just about everything […]

March Madness has started!

March Madness is underway! Watch Games Now!

Trojan Horse Generic 10.OOY – Identified by AVG Free

I was importing a Gmail email account into my local MS Live Mail client and AVG promptly identified a threat known as, “Trojan Horse Generic 10.OOY”. I didn’t have much luck with a Google search of the threat name, so I went about my own merry way of getting to the bottom of it. I […]

Heur.Pck.MEW (UPDATE)- Comodo Internet Security Updated Today

Comodo released an update today. Per their release notes, the areas addressed are as follows: Comodo Internet Security – Release Notes Version 3.8.65951.477 : 26th Feb, 2009 FIXED! Applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64 FIXED! BSOD in Windows XP 64 when NWLink protocol is installed FIXED! Defense+ conflicts with certain […]

Watch an Incredible Re-creation of the US Airways Hudson River Landing

[youtube=] Scene Systems ( prepared a fantastic animated recreation of the U.S. Airways Flight 1549 landing.

Heur.Pck.MEW – Comodo False Positive!

UPDATE: 2/26/09 – Comodo released an update today that has fixed the issue that I was experiencing. Details here! ———————————————————— UPDATE: I have heard back from Comodo tech support and they are aware of the issue and are investigating it: Hi, Thanks for sending us the report. Our developers are investigating this issue.soon it will […]

GoToMyPC – Discounts on the monthly fee!

I absolutely love GoToMyPC. I have been searching for a RELIABLE method for connecting to remote systems and GoToMyPC is in my experience the best. I installed it on a laptop that I sent to France and once the guys over there turned it on and got it on the network, I used it for […]

Windows 7 Beta – A Firsthand Look

– Download it here – The Windows 7 beta has been released and you can try it out for yourself right now for free. One note of caution – the beta OS will expire on August 1, 2009, so be prepared to download and install a possible beta 2 or another operating system. Beta products […]