Finally! Export / Print Rocksmith and DLC Song Tablature for Use Outside of The Application (Here’s How – Windows & Mac)

Here is the backstory, scroll down if you just want the instructions! I picked up the guitar about 20 years ago, when my company at the time gave us $1,200 a year for personal growth/enrichment activities that could have nothing to do with our actual job. That was an AWESOME job perk. Too awesome, I think. It only lasted two years before the program got nixed. […]

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe


Getting started with Audacity Sound Software

Audacity Quick Start Guide Audacity is an excellent sound recording and editing application. Even as a free product, it rivals many of the paid products that my band has tried over the years. Audacity’s price tag, ease of use, and powerful capabilities make it our app of choice for working on songs remotely.   If […]

Guns N’ Roses – “Chinese Democracy” Review, So Far

If the rumors are true, there are some songs floating around that were secretly leaked from the long anticipated “Chinese Democracy” album from Guns N’ Roses. During recent tours, GNR has played ‘new’ songs and has talked about a new album with that title coming out “soon”. I’ve had a chance to listen to several […]

Eddie Vedder’s Solo Album

“Into The Wild” …. Click here to read.

Slash – The Book

Before I even start, I will admit that I’ve always been an insanely huge Guns N’ Roses fan, and as a guitar player myself, I can appreciate any story about a guitarist, let alone Slash! So I received this book for Christmas this year and finally got around to opening it up. Once I did […]