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High Disk Activity When Listening to Music

Ever since I built my new primary Vista desktop I have wondered why the hard drive light seems to dance along with the music as I listen to iTunes. Not giving it much thought, I just assumed that the SATA disk (first one of those for me) either read differently or maybe the disk activity […]

Fun Facts – 1956 HDD

Personal Productivity – Start Pages with My Yahoo

If you are like me, staying organized is a cyclical thing. I enjoy doing it but it is such an encompassing task that it sometimes gets put off for too long. Lately I have found myself having too many browsers with too many tabs open at the same time and I’ve had enough. I’m not […]

Free Apps You Want!

Building a new PC? Taking time to backup and reinstall a clean OS on your old PC? Just need a change? Over the years, I have found that having a set of standardized applications 1) makes a system build go much faster, and 2) saves time later hunting down something when you need it, like […]

April Fools Day Preparation – You MUST Act Today!

UPDATE – This website offers a test of your system to verify whether or not you are susceptible to Conficker. It’s simple – if you see all six pictures, you are golden. If not, well, you may have some cleanup to do. Alas, tomorrow is the big joke day. It is also a big day […]

FTC Stimulus Scam Alert / Avoid Job Offer Scams

I get no less than ten e-mails a day about jobs. Granted, I do independent contracting and have my credentials posted at most of the major sites, but with the current state of unemployment, I have to imagine a lot of people have their resume’s out there. I do know for a fact that scammers […]

Getting started with Audacity Sound Software

Audacity Quick Start Guide Audacity is an excellent sound recording and editing application. Even as a free product, it rivals many of the paid products that my band has tried over the years. Audacity’s price tag, ease of use, and powerful capabilities make it our app of choice for working on songs remotely.   If […]

Setting Up Your Own Site

As most of my readers know, Pelokee has always been an online development persona that I’ve used to separate professional and personal experimentation and education. This site has gone through countless permeations including being hosted on an IIS server on my floor running .Net Nuke, DreamWeaver, free Blogger (Google) pages, free Yahoo pages, and most […]

Pelokee Acquired by The Appia Group – Our Domain Name Has Changed

Pelokee has been migrated from to a hosted account owned and operated by The Appia Group. The Appia Group provides support and services primarily to home and small business users which is in the spirit of the content historically published to Pelokee. provides the publishing back-end and code that is used to […]

AVG Antivirus Free – Product Review – v8.0.169

AVG was a completely new product to me when I first installed Vista. Of course, my existing version of Symantec Antivirus would no longer work on Vista, so I had to look elsewhere for some protection. I actually looked on Windows Marketplace and found this nice little freebie. I’ve been using it for about two […]